Information Technology Policy

PAS’s Office of Information Integrity and Access develops, advances, and accelerates solutions that deliver world-class IT across government. With a wealth of IT and policy expertise on our team, we enable agency implementation of government-wide information technology (IT) policies and programs, and use data, analysis and collaboration to deliver results and solutions that improve Federal IT service delivery.

Via our collaborative working relationships with DOIT(Department of Information Technology) , MInistry of Science and Technology and NITC(National information Technology Center), we support IT procurement personnel, and other IT decision makers with services, expertise, and solutions to address both the most common, and the most complex, Federal IT challenges.

  • By government, for government—Our mission aligns with that of our government clients, to continuously improve the effectiveness of Federal IT.
  • Long term solutions—We have a culture and history of sustained attention to finding IT solutions for cross-agency issues, long after the spotlight is gone.
  • Leverage the Federal enterprise—We maximize the purchasing and processing power of the Federal government to enable faster, cost-effective adoption of new technologies.

Operating at the intersection of policy and program execution, our team helps navigate the complexities of Federal IT, including:

Under those business lines, we manage several government-wide programs and Communities of Practice